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Paint the Town: OPI + Clark Kensington Partnership 

Have you ever been sitting around, looking at your most recent manicure & thought that the color would look perfect on your bedroom walls?  Have you ever wanted to match your toenails to your kitchen wall?  Okay - well, maybe toes and kitchens aren't a natural fit - but, you get my point.  Well - now you can!  OPI Nail Polish & Clark + Kensington are teaming up for a new color of colors based on some of the nail company's most popular shades. 

There are three collections featuring six OPI shades. Each set offers five coordinating Clark + Kensington shades.

First Up: The Artist Collection

The Artist Collection

This collection features shades called: Keeping Suzi at Bay, Miami Beet, Don’t Touch My Tutu!,  Gargantuan Green Grape, Samoan Sand and I Eat Mainely Lobster.

The Artist Collection at Work

The second collection is called: The Wild Heart 

Wild at Heart Collection

This collection features shades such as: Can’t Find My Czechbook, Black Onyx, My Pointe Exactly, Do You Lilac It?, Suzi Says Feng Shui, and Vant to Bite My Neck?

The Wild at Heart hits the bathroom

The final collection is called: The Romantics 

The Romantic Collection

This lovely collection includes:  OPI Red, Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!, My Very First Knockwurst, Chick Flick Cherry, My Vampire is Buff and Over the Taupe.

The Romantic Collection Moves In

This brilliant concept is sure to be appealing to a consumer demographic that paint companies don't usually attract --- WOMEN!  The concept of bringing fashion into home decor isn't something new - but, this easy way to add some additional posh to your home is a great way to build a whole new customer base.  

These beautiful shades of paint are found exclusively at Ace Hardware Stores.  


Sunday Socials: The Red Barn Round-Up 

This weekend I was catching up on some reading and I came upon an article in the May (told you I was caching up) issue of Country Living Magazine.  The article featured an event that stopped me in my tracks and got me thinking about a bygone area of "socials".  

The article was called, "The Red Barn Roundup" and celebrates the work of two friends in Nashville, TN.  Once a month during the spring to fall months, these ladies host a Sunday Social.  Each "social" is based around the idea that it's hard to see your family / friends these days.  Everyone has a thousand commitments and little time.  After coming to the conclusion that Sunday afternoon's seemed to be the only time that worked for most people, a concept was born.  A potluck party from 3pm - 6pm one Sunday a month.  

The Ladies of the Socials // Food is Plentiful & Delicious

Brainchild of Kathryn Johnson (red dress) and Allison Marusic (seen in the blue dress) who hosts the event at her fun "ranch-style" home, everyone is welcome - as long as you are the friend of a friend.  Otherwise, it's pretty much fair game.  The entire concept of great food, lively country music and friendly bonding is a huge draw for approx. 100 people each event.  The ladies try to keep things simple on themselves by doing evites, setting up the tables / chairs and arranging for the entertainment.  Happily, Nashville provides an endless supply of amazing musicians who get in on the fun as well.  The rest is up to the guests.  

Cabbage & Cilantro Slaw // Blueberry Crumb Pie

Initially, attendees weren't really bringing entree worthy dishes (a few too many chips & salsa) but, after some kind nudging by their hosts, the event has become a way for foodie friends to share their talent & let the food shine.  Because the event is staged as more of an open house - new food is constantly arriving as people come & go.  There is always something new to add to the ever changing table.  They never fear about running out --- someone is always going to show up in the last hour. 

Jacob and Molly Jones's Brussels-Sprout-and-Apple Salad // Nicole and Nick Mattingly's Cheddar-and-Herb Buttermilk Biscuits // Grant "Big Smokey" Johnson's BBQ Chicken Thighs

Another element the ladies take care of is the live entertainment.  The local Nashville music scene provides an endless source of great musicians.  And, while they are not paid --- tips are GREATLY appreciated.  Not to mention the opportunity to nosh on some great food.  There never seems to be a problem finding unique talent.

 I love this idea so much.  The thought of putting out a call for all your friends & family is such a great way to establish a sense of community.  It's a great way to stop & enjoy your life --- while having some great food.  What's not to love.  All credit to these amazing ladies & their forethought.  Now, how many chairs do I have? 

Article Courtesy of Country Living Magazine / Images via Cedric Angeles 


Craft: Decoupage Isn't Just For Granny's 

I used to think that the fine art of decoupage was for old granny types with hat boxes & hope chests.  But - today, the beautiful form of paper & paste is showing itself to be a very fun & stylish form of self expression. One of the best things about a little decoupage is how affordable it is & a great way of adding something interesting to your home or style --- without breaking the budget. 

One of the best ways to incorpate decoupage into your life is via home decor.  


1. Bins / Baskets --- take a plain plastic bin & add so much style by mixing up prints or color pallets.  I love these British designer Cath Kidtson organization bins with great floral motifs. 

2. Bottles & Vases --- take trip to the dollar store & turn plain glass bottles into glorious decorate vases.  This is probably a great place to start if you are new to crafting.  Very easy!

3. Furniture --- do you have an old dresser or hutch that could use some style?  Think about a combination of paint & paper.  I love the botanical motif on this updated dresser. 


1. Furniture --- much like the dresser above, I love the idea of updating a yard sale find with a really bold graphic or floral print.  Adds a great pop to your home. 

2. Dishes --- Turn all those mismatched plates & glasses into a great wall collection.  I love the idea of using a wide range of art & bringing them all together.  {Tip -- utilize your local library & make copies from all their great art books} 

3. Table Decorations --- are you hosting a party or family gathering?  No need to spend a fortune on table decorating.  Save up cans & decoupage them in all types of prints or colors.  A few wild flowers in each one look great.  EASY!

Do you have friends or family that are really hard to buy gifts for?  Maybe you want to make something?  Decoupage is the PERFECT answer.  A custom gift that doesn't cost a lot of money.  What could be more perfect? 

1. Candles / Vases -- another trip to the dollar store can really provide a wealth of options.  Maybe your friend loves flowers or the color orange?  A small collection of decorate items put together is a lovely way of saying you love & appreciate them.  

2. Hangers -- I really love this idea.  Hit up the local big box store for some wooden hangers.  Kind of plain & boring right?  Not once you add a beautiful print or maybe color series?  What person wouldn't love a special set of hangers for their very best? I know I would. 

3. Coasters / Trays -- I love this idea for a travel series.  Maybe you have some great pictures from your last vacation or you really love Paris  --- this works really well on glass or molded plastic.  Another great gift idea. 

The final  set of ideas revolves around home & office supplies.  These great products can really add up --- and if you are someone who likes to personalize their workspace (I DO) you can really break the bank.  Some of these easy ideas are big bang for the buck. 

1. Clipboard / Art Installation -- are you a fan of personal inspiration boards?  Who isn't? This idea allows you to spotlight important notes or imagery in a cohesive way.  One of my favorite images ever. 

2. Lunchbox -- This one is so cool.  I would never have thought about jazzing up a common lunchbox -- but, what a beautiful notion.  Treat yourself to something lovely for lunch --- even if there is only PB&J inside. 

3. Magnets -- This image is a little hard to tell but, these amazing & creative magnets are really pain stirring sticks.  Love this idea --- but, becareful at the paint department.  They might not love you cleaning them out. 

4. Tins / Boxes --- Are your paperclips or staples dumped into your office drawer?  Is your desk just a hot mess of supplies?  Get yourself some cheap containers (I tend to find great sizes & shapes in the travel section of my drugstore) and make yourself a collection of holders.  Keep all your little bits & bobs tidy --- not to mention, CUTE!

So, these are just a couple ideas for incorporating decoupage into your life.  It's a great way to express your personality without having to be TOO crafty.  Perfect for everyone.  

{HOW-TO: There are tons of tutorials & supply kits online.  But, I have to say --- when I need help with something like this, I turn to the maven.  Martha Stewart.  Her site has tons of helpful tips.  Here's a great start. Depending on which project you decide to start with -- your supplies will differ.  So, I will leave that to your own selection.}



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