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Spotlight: Shinola of Detroit 

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you know that I was born & raised in Michigan.  Suburban Detroit actually.  I am a hometown girl - born & bred.   Therefore, the slow & painful collapse of Detroit breaks my heart.  I have watched places of my youth, amazing places of industry and creative forces reduced to crime, rubble & desolation.  It's devastating.  

BUT, there is also a huge amount of hope & ingenuity happening as well.  There are people committed to investing and bring Detroit back.  Maybe not to the industrial powerhouse it used to be - but, something else.  Something different.  One of those companies is Shinola. Shinola was an American brand of wax-based shoe polish that was available from 1907 until 1960. Fast-forward a few decades and you have Shinola/Detroit, whom purchased the Shinola name from the defunct shoe polish company, and is now an American manufacturer of watches, bicycles, leather goods, and journals in Detroit. The Shinola headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Detroit inside the College for Creative Studies within the historic Argonaut Building, now known as the A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education.

 "We know there’s not just history in Detroit, there is a future." - Shinola 


The amazing story of Shinola is based on their exceptional partnerships with American made artisans.  That is the whole point of the their business plan.  When you are working with companies like Detroit Denim Co., Hadley-Roma Watches, Horween Leather you find that these exclusive & beautiful products are made with love & dedication.  I'm completely smitten with many of the leather goods. 

So, why open a watch factory in Detroit? Here's the answer. 

So, if you are looking for something extra special this holiday season - I hope that you might check out Shinola.  Or maybe you are lucky enough to check out their flagship stores in NYC & their brand new space in Detroit. I for one am so pleased to see an amazing company invest in the future of my "hometown" and believe in what they are trying to accomplish.  Good luck to them! 

Imagey Source: Shinola



Picture of the Day: Mad for Plaid

I really think I need to start wearing more plaid -- especially with a tulle ball gown skirt.  

via gal meets glam


Holiday Gift Guide: Lips and Eyes and Liners --- OH MY! 

With the holiday season fast approaching, I decided to put together one of my very favorite gift suggestions.  MAKE-UP!  I love this time of year so much because all the best cosmetic lines debut amazing & beautiful collections and palettes.  I have always found that purchasing a palette or kit is a great way to try lots of product and get more bang for your buck.  

First up .... Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.  Without a doubt, this is my favorite brand of all time.  Bobbi makes the most beautiful product and completely worth the extra money that some of the items cost.  I have had some of my items for ages (I have a nice collection of her brushes that I have had for almost 20 years).  This is the GOLD standard. 

Here are a few items that I think really represent Bobbi & the products she offers.  

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

{1} Bobbi's Smokey Eye Kit  $122 {2} Old Hollywood Palette $75 {3} Everyday Pretty Eye & Lip Palette $30

Up Next -- Tarte & Josie Maran.  These are two relatively new brands for me.  I have used a few Tarte products in the past (this liner is my all time favorite) -- but, Josie Maran is brand new.  I have fallen completely in love with her Argan Oil based collection and think that you will too. I use it on my face & hands --- and even directly on my hair when it's feeling particularly dry.  As an introduction - I have pulled my very favorite items from both.  

Tarte & Josie Maran

{1} Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner & Brush $30 {2} Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter $35 {3} 100% Pure Argan Oil $48

I have been a Smashbox Cosmetics fan for a number of years.  I was first introduced to them in the 1990's while flipping channels and stumbling upon QVC.  I was intrigued and found myself watching the entire show.  The next time I noticed they were on, I found myself riveted again.  The brand presenter was so lovely & charming I couldn't help myself.  All these years later - I am still a fan and have entirely too much of the product to tell you about.  And, while they are no longer on QVC - I'm thrilled to know I can rush right over to Sephora or Ulta and pick up the latest colors.  

smashbox cosmetics

{1} Photo Op Eye Shadow Palette in Smokebox II $39 {2} All For Eyes: Prime, Line & Define $49

And, finally --- a few additional items that might be the perfect idea for someone you love.  Laura Mercier, Fresh, and last but not least {the heaven of it all} Sephora. These are a few items that are really general and a great place to start for those hard to buy gifts like Secret Santa or a White Elephant gift.  So difficult when you don't really know the person.  Who wouldn't LOVE one of the following 3 great kits? 

Laura Mercier, fresh & Sephora

 {1} Laura's Deluxe Colour Portfolio $78 {2} Sugar Tresures $50 {3} Make Spirit's Bright Brush Set $34 (all available at Sephora


It's Back ~ Domino Magazine 

Sometimes life surprises you.  Something that you never truly thought might happen, one day you find out it is & it's not a joke.  This is one of those times.  There have been rumors for years that it might happen.  That if we shout loud enough - SOMEONE might hear us and "wonders of wonders" it might come back.  

Clearly, someone heard us.  Someone listened.  That's right -- Domino is back.  That's right, THE DOMINO magazine is back {for real this time}.  Not some recycled version with old content & a new cover.  Nope - a real publication with brand new spiffy content & issues.  

Domino Magazine was one of the most beloved shelter magazines for 4 years.  Sadly, many of us that were huge fans were broken hearted to learn that the magazine would go dark in 2009.  So, we hung onto our archive copies and created Pinterest boards in late tribute to our beloved publication.  Then HARK a glimpse of happiness - word began to spread that some "special" issues would be published last year.  And, while we were happy to even hear that Domino was remembered -- most of them were old content brushed off & repackaged.  

Then hallilulaja - news that a complete reboot was coming & Domino would be back as a quarterly publication!  Happiness. 

So, the big question is - why will Domino succeed now when the old version didn't?  Interestingly, they seem to have a new business strategy that might be very interesting.  Domino is relaunching with new e-commerce entrepreneur co-founders who have a more online-focused plan. The centerpiece of the Domino revival is its new website, which allows readers to purchase the items they read about in stories on the site. In addition, a quarterly magazine is being sold on newsstands for $11.99. 

With features such as: shopping, location, entertaining, travel & connections - they are really looking to expand their online content & bring a revenue stream to the site / magazine.  A really smart strategy. 

"The spirit and style of the new magazine is a continuation of the old - we're committed to reviving the publication's original aesthetic," says Michelle Adams, editor in chief, a former employee at the original Domino magazine. "The big difference this time around is that the magazine is fully shoppable."

Adams who went on to found the online shelter magazine Lonny Magazine {another huge favorite} after Domino’s close. She is now back to drive content at Domino 2.0, meaning the editorial point of view will be essentially the same as that which captured the hearts of the magazine’s original cult following.

The goal for the website is to put out new content daily. In addition to new content, Domino will also be releasing stories from the magazine’s archives over the next six months and making them shoppable online. Domino Magazine may have been a little ahead of it's time in the mid-2000's.  But, I think that they have a solid chance of making it this time around.  I for one will be an avid follower.  {Not that I will ever sell my archive of old issues on eBay. Nope!}

Resources:  Domino Magazine can be found HERE

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{Imagery via Domino} 


Picture of the Day: A House Divided 

I am obsessed with this idea of how to divide an open "loft" space.  So elegant & efficient.