Neil Kinnock: “My favourite cinema was the Workmens’ Hall”

EU Commission Vice President and former Labour Party leader, Neil Kinnock, speaks about his favourire cinema, which was the Workmens’ Hall, Tredegar European Commission Vice President and former Labour Party leader, Neil Kinnock, speaks about his favourire cinema. Some memories on the Workmens’ Hall, Tredegar, South Wales. «My favourite cinema is beloved, […]

Lynsey de Paul: “I can’t stand local cinemas. But BAFTA was amazing”

Lindsay de Paul experienced some terrible evenings in local cinemas, so can’t stand them. But she was astonished when she was invited to join a BAFTA panel in Princess Anne Theatre, London Like millions of people, I love film. Almost every genre except ‘big action-packed, little-dialogue, pyrotechnic FX’ films. However, […]

Leslie Phillips: “Absolutely, my favourite cinema is the Odeon”

Another admirer for the Odeon, Leicester: after Christopher Biggins, also Leslie Phillips thinks it is his favourite cinema Leslie Phillips, what’s your favourite cinema? Actually I don’t have a regular or favourite cinema as such. But I do visit the London ones and particularly the flagship Odeon Leicester Square, which in fact I attend quite frequently. Rather […]

Arabella Weir: “I couldn’t live without the Everyman cinema, in Hampstead”

A small talk with comedy writer/performer and author, Arabella Weir. Her favourite cinema is the Everyman, in Hampstead, West London «My favourite cinema is the Everyman, in Hampstead, West London» Arabella Weir says. She is what you may call a multitasking woman, being a comedy writer/performer and author. «It’s very, […]

Gordon Michaels: “Goodrich Canton is my best theater experience ever!”

Great sound, great screens, and a special popcorn recipe: that’s why Gordon Michaels considers the Goodrich Canton his favourite cinema Goodrich Canton, in Southeast Michigan, remains Gordon Michaels’ best theater experience today. «From the very moment you walk in through the door, to the  time you sink into one of those unsurpassed memory-foam seats. They […]