Alexander O’Neal reveals why he likes going to the Paragon Odissey IMAX: “It’s where I go to relax with my wife when outside it’s cold!”

Alexander O’Neal
Alexander O’Neal
The Paragon Odyssey 15 & IMAX, 14401 Burnhaven Drive, Burnsville, MN
The Paragon Odyssey 15 & IMAX, 14401 Burnhaven Drive, Burnsville, MN

My favourite cinema of all time has to be the Paragon Odyssey IMAX 15 in Burnsville, MN. It’s the same theatre, in fact, where my wife, a good suburban girl, and I have been going for 30 years now. She’s the one who made us start going, which we do maybe four times in any three-month period. And movie-going is good because it breaks up the everyday monotony.

Alexander O'neal Live at Stockport Plaza, Stockport 11-11-2016
Alexander O’neal Live at Stockport Plaza, Stockport 11-11-2016

Although it’s a bigger cinema today, I think cinemas kind of define small towns, and it still has that small-town feel about it. They have to have that feel, because you want it to be the same as like when you’re in your living room. I like the Paragon’s ambience and it’s a nice easy place to relax when you’re in there. Even the managers seem to have always been there.

Familiar and convenient

What I also like about the Paragon Odissey is the convenience. Remember, in Minnesota, we have five months of hard winter each year and it’s cold, cold, cold. And so everything, even the parking lots, are set out so you can just pull straight up to the entrance.

Today the Paragon has 15 screens and an IMAX. I’m a big fan of action films, like Gladiator, and the recent The Magnificent Seven really did it for me – I’m a western cowboy movie nut. I’ll often buy the DVD of a movie, but it’s true I always like to catch it on the big screen first.

Alexander O’Neal’s ‘Resurrected’ tour runs 6-25th April, 2018

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