Great sound, great screens, and a special popcorn recipe: that’s why Gordon Michaels considers the Goodrich Canton his favourite cinema

Gordon Michaels:
Gordon Michaels

Goodrich Canton, in Southeast Michigan, remains Gordon Michaels’ best theater experience today. «From the very moment you walk in through the door, to the  time you sink into one of those unsurpassed memory-foam seats. They are  awesome! Makes you feel like an astronaut for a bit – and no tossing or turning or having to wait until your butt wakes back up so you can walk again.

Wish I also knew their secret popcorn recipe; it’s the best out there».

The structure

Great sound, great screens, and it doesn’t take 15 minutes to find your theater.

Probably shouldn’t blow my cover but, back in the day – when the likes of Aerosmith and Billy Joel were busy filling the airwaves – I even “borrowed” the Goodrich Canton parking lot on many Summer nights for a make-out with my high school sweetheart.

Much love to Goodrich Theaters in Canton… I am truly your biggest fan.

Goodrich Canton: Ford Road, Canton, MI
Goodrich Canton: Ford Road, Canton, MI

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