Actress and fashionista Hayley Hasselhoff loves going to the drive-in. But her favourite cinema is the luxurious iPic Theatre in Pasadena

Hayley Hasselhoff
Hayley Hasselhoff

Hayley Hasselhoff, do you like going to the cinema, theatre and drive-in?

Well, when I can, I really like going to drive-in movie theatres. They are now so hard to find in this day and age. There is one in particular I like in San Francisco, though, which plays old classics, which I really enjoy. There is also a great outdoor cinema on Santa Monica Boulevard, called Cinespia – on the Fairbanks Lawn, in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery – round the back of Paramount Studios, and is one of the oldest in LA. It’s open every Sunday all summer long and has a great atmosphere. You can book online and bring along a picnic. When I think about it, there probably are more cemeteries in LA than there are drive-ins!

iPic Theaters at One Colorado, Pasadena, CA
iPic Theaters at One Colorado, Pasadena, CA

Then, what’s your favourite cinema?

My favorite has to be a brilliant theatre in Pasadena, which I was only introduced to a couple of years ago. It’s a first-run VIP theatre, in a tiny street, called the iPic Theater. It’s actually amazing – again, you can book online or when you walk in. It’s beautiful inside and you are struck by the whole ambience of the place.

Comfortable and luxurious

There is a bar downstairs and you’re allowed to take your drinks into the cinema. The huge velvet seats actually recline into beds! It’s laid out in a nice configuration of rows of twin-seats. Plus, there is a gourmet menu and waiters and waitresses ready to serve you. I think what I really like about it too is that the whole place is discreet and considerate of you. So nobody interferes with you’re watching the movie.

Not really expensive

Some people say it’s really expensive, but, you know, it really isn’t. It’s quite reasonable, and the perfect place to go either on your own or on a date night. But I think the best thing is that you feel you’re walking into a luxury experience. It’s something more than just going to see a movie. I don’t go there as often as I would like to now because of my travelling commitments.

Watching a film as an actress

I actually like to go watch movies on my own and, being an actress myself, I enjoy the “puzzle” of it all. It means I find I’m often analyzing the storytelling and the backstories of the characters. I’m also studying the props and camera angles, which can all be good for learning and refining your craft. But at other times I like to watch something like a horror movie because I just want to be scared! I think you often leave a film happy or sad because it relates to something in your own life.

Hayley Hasselhoff recently was the ‘Summer face of YOURS CLOTHING UK’. She will also appear in Space Samurai: Oasis and the musical comedy, Fearless, set for release in 2015.

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