Jesse Hughes is the frontman of the worldwide famous metal band. When he was 12, he loved watching heavy metal bands at the SunAir Auto Drive-In

Jesse Hughes, of the Eagles of Death Metal: "I miss the Drive-in"
Jesse Hughes

Interview with Eagles of Death Metal frontman, Jesse Hughes. He tells us about the gigs he saw at the SunAir Auto 

«My favorite cinema has to be the SunAir Auto Drive-in. It was just off Highway 111 in Palm Springs, Southern California – Hughes says. – It’s where I used to see heavy metal. I sneaked onto the roof of the grocery store across the street [with Joshua Homme]. We were about 12 at the time and had the best seats possible».

Do you still go there?

«Oh no, I can’t. Sadly, the SunAir Auto Theatre closed down in the early ’80s – he says. – And then they tore it down to make way for an auto mall. It’s incredible, isn’t it? I wish we still had more drive-in movie theatres open today».

The SunAir Auto Drive-in Theatre, Cathedral City, CA
The SunAir Auto Drive-in Theatre, Cathedral City, CA

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