Norman Wanstall, the famous sound editor, has no doubts: his favourite cinema is the Odeon Worcester: “The staff are always fantastic!”

Norman Wanstall
Norman Wanstall

I’d never really given much thought to my favourite cinema. But I guess the one I patronise the most is the Odeon Worcester. It invariably shows the films I want to see and my visits always turn out to be relaxing.

The cinema is also conveniently situated within walking distance of the main town car park. As I can view films in the early afternoon, the foyer always seems to be hassle-free.

The staff are always polite and helpful and they sell a very high standard of coffee. I also have a loyalty card. So I accumulate points every time I visit which allow me at times to view a film for free.

The pros

The Odeon Worcester
The Odeon Worcester

The main theatre is without doubt my favourite as its size gives it a superb ambience and the steep slope of the seating makes for excellent viewing angles. Together with the type of films they show in there, one has the feeling of a very special cinema experience.

I’d already mentioned that the staff are most amenable and, on one occasion, I approached them for their opinion of the disastrous Quantum of Solace.

They gathered round most enthusiastically and excelled themselves with their comments and criticisms, confirming my assumption that they were indeed intelligent film-watchers.

Norman Wanstall with his Oscar won for sound effects for 1964’s Goldfinger.

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