Steve Furst, who plays ‘Mr Burnley’ in the Orange Film Finance Board ads., explains why he’s a regular at the Electric Palace, Hastings in Sussex

Steve Furst
Steve Furst

I often go to the Electric Palace Cinema, Hastings, in Sussex. When, five years ago, my wife had our first child, the regular cinema nights-out became a thing of the past. Then, three years ago, we moved from London. Well, it was hard to avoid the by-now dwindling multiplex cinema outings.

Our family relocated to Hastings, a wonderful town on the south coast. Sure, it’s suffered a poor reputation in the past. Yet it’s also something of a tarnished jewel – scratch beneath the surface and there’s a rather unique, artistic community. Part of that community is The Electric Palace. It’s a tiny independent Digital cinema in the heart of our old fishing quarter (and doesn’t ‘quarter’ make it sound rather ‘New Orleans’).

The Electric Palace

Anyway, the Electric Palace programmes the most wonderfully eclectic mix of films, showing diverse seasons, current releases and classics. While, until recently, they weren’t licensed, they’ve now got a bar which has proved a very welcome addition for the Palace’s regulars.

Rachel and Rebecca, who run the cinema, also encourage local talent to shoot their own films. They provide a camera kit-for-hire. They also host a festival called Shot-by-the- Sea for showcasing locally-made films.

This micro-institution reflects the diverse nature of our fabulous town, providing a service for its residents while constantly adapting to meet the ever-changing needs of that community.

There’s also an Odeon in the town but it doesn’t compare. And, besides, they do insist on screening those rather irritating Orange ads before each film.

Electric Palace, Hastings in Sussex
Electric Palace cinema, Hastings in Sussex

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