«From the very moment you walk in, it’s a beautiful cinema and a gorgeous restoration of an Art Deco building». That’s why Tony Hawks loves the Rex Berkhamsted

Tony Hawks
Tony Hawks
Rex Berkhamsted cinema, Hertfordshire
Rex Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. The Rex for Arts & Books. The Rex Cinema in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. Designed by David Nye in 1936, built in 1938, in 2004 it was reopened after restoration. Pic shows the exterior, the foyer of the cinema was sold seperately and is now a restaurant (centre), the cinema entrance is on the left of the picture. Copyright: Andrew Crowley
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«My favourite cinema has to be the Rex Berkhamsted, in Herts – Tony Hawks says. – My first – and, to date, only – experience there was when screening and doing a Q&A for my film: Playing the Moldovans at Tennis.

From the very moment you walk in, it’s a beautiful cinema and a gorgeous restoration of an Art Deco building. The best I’ve ever been to, along with the Regal Evesham. I just wish it was near me.

In fact, I’d also taken the [Moldovan] lead actor in Playing the Moldovans at Tennis, there. It, I should explain, was his only other experience of a UK cinema outside of the Odeon Leicester Square, where we’d held the premiere, and so he probably went away thinking that this is what all British cinemas are like!»

The only cinema having “followers”

Personally, I think it’s great that it’s still possible to operate a single-screen cinema in an age when all of that seems to have disappeared. I also like the fact that the Rex seems to be one of those cinemas that has a loyal following. Everyone seems to know everyone, and thus creates the sense of ‘community cinema’. Once again, in an age when there doesn’t seem to be any particular need for it.

At the Rex, the seats are very plush and comfortable, with great leg-room, and there are also round tables where you can sit and drink, giving the place a sort of half-cinema/ half-cabaret feel. I hope, too, to be doing my next screening there shortly: Round Ireland with a Fridge.

Photo: Jacqui Adams
Photo: Jacqui Adams



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